Regarding nv table

Where i can store the data in case of wifi connection lost for sometime.
I need to store it in some buffer for that particular duration and when connection rebuilt then push the entire data to cloud.
I read it about nv tables but i guess it can only serve for crucial variable data to re-store after deep sleep.
Could nv table helpful in my problem statement as well? If yes please help me out in its code as well since i am pretty new in electric imp.
If not then what should i do?
Thanks and Regards,
Sushil Singh

You don’t need to use nv to store data when the connection is down; if you use RETURN_ON_ERROR mode, your squirrel will continue to run. See the connection manager class to manage the connection without the imp going to sleep.

Check out ‘How to Run an Imp-enabled Device Offline’, which has plenty of guidance on dealing with WiFi drop-outs.