Reducing Start-up Power Consumption

I’m working on a project where power consumption is critical (surprise surprise!), and i’m trying to reduce the current draw on startup. Right now my sleep/wake cycle is 10mins sleep/ 1min wake (it needs to monitor for the entire minute). I’m using power save.

On wake, the imp connects to wifi immediately, but then lags in the “connected” state for 60 seconds, blinking the green indicator light. Then after the 60s warmup, the current draw drops in half.

What is the imp doing for the first 60 seconds, and does anyone know if I can shorten this warmup period?


This is blinkup; it’s sampling the opto, blinking the LED etc. You can use imp.enableblinkup(false) during the wake to stop that, which will reduce the current.

Note that this will mean you can’t blinkup the device during this period. You may only want to do it on a timer wake, eg:

if (hardware.wakereason() == WAKEREASON_TIMER) imp.enableblinkup(false);

…this means that the LED will blink for the normal 60s on a cold boot, allowing easy re-blinkup if nedded.

Got it, thanks!