Reduce size of April board

Hi people,

I’ll build a smaller “April board” because i want to put the electricimp as standalone, but the size of the April board is critical for me.

Therefore i come to ask which components can dispense.

I was reading and the april board is divided into four parts: Input Power, IMP Slot and ID Chip, 3V3 Buck Power Supply and Breakout Area.

In the input power i just need connect one battery, so i can exclude the circuit of the mini usb.

In the IMP Slot and ID Chip, the Atmel Atsha204 is indispensable am I right? Without Atsha204 the imp doesn’t work?

The 3V3 Buck Power Supply should be required to feed the components that will connect to imp.

So I can only dispense the circuit of usb door, or is there some part I can more dispense?

Nuno Maia

Well, there is always Aria if you want small… that’s why we manufactured them! :slight_smile:

You can’t really exclude anything except the USB port and the FET and resistor used for reverse polarity protection…everything else is needed for the Imp or the 3.3V regulator.

Thanks, did not know the Aria.

Maybe I had bought instead of APRIL if I knew it existed. :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can reduce the size of april.

If you want to work with April, and you can use Eagle, Sparkfun has their version of April posted as an Eagle project. You’ll want to leave the support components around the regulator as they are, but you could move the header pins back and remove the USB and battery pads to save a little room.

Hi jwehr, thanks for your help!

I already did download the eagle files and will see the best way to change this :slight_smile: