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I’m seeing this pattern. Any suggestions on the step I’m stuck at? I don’t see this particular pattern in the troubleshooting area.

Can someone please confirm I need port 31314 TCP open?

OK…Turned out to be a firewall setting at the site.

The situation seems to be associate with how the site’s Fortinet firewall is configured. Although we had TCP port 31314 open, we had to open all ports and temporarily turn off their anti-virus feature in order to get the device to connect to the server. Can someone confirm the ONLY port the device needs is TCP 31314? Thanks!

There was another thread about firewalls no so long ago. I don’t remember Hugo saying any other ports needed to be open.

If it needs to do a firmware upgrade (which it might if it’s old stock newly unboxed, or just if it’s been offline for a while) then it can also need port 80 open (for standard HTTP).