Red/green diode constantly on - Is there a flaw in the schematic?

So i just made some PCBs and assembled it from a new design that is very close to the Amber board. When i power it up the red and green diode is constantly on and very bright and my PSU hits the current limiter (which is set low to protect circuit).
I have both a 5V psu and a 3.3V psu on board and these seem to output as supposed.

I have attached schematic and some pictures of the board. Any ideas to what might be wrong?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have stared my self blind on this :/.

Ofc just when i post i see the obvious. The diodes are shorted to ground, it should have been like this right (see attachment)? (Just checking before i start massacring pcb-wires)

Your BlinkUp LEDs are connected directly to GND instead of going through the resistors and to GND. My suggestion: With a knife, CAREFULLY cut the traces to GND at D1 and R3&R4.

Yep, you got it. :slight_smile:

Hell MakeDeck. Thank you! I have drawn cuts and a jumper on attached picture, please take a look and confirm :-).
Red are cuts, the blue is jumper

One other note, and you might get away with this. Amber doesn’t show the 10K resistor that should be in place between 3V3 and the Red LED cathode. The Imp uses this to determine if your LEDs are common anode or common cathode.

Ok will add the 10k also, thanks alot. what might symptoms be if it isnt there and I “dont get away with it”?
And how come it isnt on the amber? :slight_smile:

And does the cuts on the drawing look to be in the right place to you?

I think you need a few more cuts. Post a close up of just the imp to blinkup section and I’ll markup what I think needs to be done.

Amber should be updated with that. Its pretty easy to stretch a 10K TH resistor from RED to 3V3 if the imp doesn’t choose correctly through. The Blinkup flashes will be the inverse if the imp doesn’t correctly determine your components.

Hi again. Will this close up do?

Here is some markup. I’m not completely sure where you ground pour goes because of the image, but I think this is correct. You’ll have to zoom in to see my edits.

Also, you may be doing this on purpose, but I did the same thing because I was confused initially. Those components are side fire, which means you lay them on their side when you solder them down. Its VERY hard to properly solder the LED standing up like you have it and get it to work. If you want to use a top fire chip there are some other recommended parts that work nicely.

THanks alot, you have eased my state of mind :-)!

I know about the LEDs, it’s not on purpose thou, it was assembled by ITEAD PCB studio, and unfortunately i did not catch the error on the pictures they sent me. But I will fix it by hand.