Recommended ImpC001 antenna

Hello, we are looking for a panel mount antenna to use with the ImpC001. Anyone have any recommendations? Something simple that can be ordered from mouser/digikey/etc? Thanks

The Taoglas FXUB63 (as supplied with the devkit) is a good choice if you have somewhere to mount it that fits with the recommendations

@hugo Unfortunately the Imp is inside a metal box so we cannot use the stick mount and require the panel mount. What do you think about the Taoglas TG.30.8113W ? We can use the Taoglas CAB.720 to mount it through the enclosure.

Can we get away with not using the Diversity antenna?

Diversity antenna is only needed to sustain higher data rates; most cat-1 applications use a single antenna.

That antenna (despite what Mouser say on the landing page) has an average gain of <0dB so it’s fine. The ELS61 spec says gain cannot exceed 2.15dBi (ie a perfect dipole).

@SRose how did that antenna setup work out?


@trevor It worked. We also tried various antenna you’d find on cellular modems. Most work well long as you review the datasheets.

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