Reboot Switch


i want to add a switch to reboot the imp.
Can someone help me with a code for that switch?


Do you mean a physical switch at the imp location? Like a switch to remove power and turn it back on?

I was thinking of using a 555 timer circuit that is constantly reset by the imp. If the imp crashes and doesn’t reset the 555 timer within a certain amount of time, the circuit will cycle power to the imp. Hopefully the imp will power back on successfully. I suppose that would be a way to reboot remotely?

actually, i didn’t mean to do it remotely. i need a button that will reset the imp.

I would cycle the power off/on, but maybe that’s not the best way? You can’t really use an input pin to reset because the imp may be totally non-responsive. Hopefully one of the imp hardware developers can shed some light on this.

You can take a physical spst button and wire it between your power supply and vin, controlling if to give voltage to the board or not

Yes … a momentary NC pushbutton.