Realtime logging on the IDE no longer continuous


Since around the time impCentral started life in production, we have started to see realtime logging on the IDE is no longer continuous.

2017-12-20 09:53:00 +00:00 [IDE] Realtime logging has stopped. Please refresh to enable it again.

This happen when we have more than one IDE windows open.

This is incredibly inconvenient when we need to keep an eye on multiple devices. Occasionally we also need to view multiple running logs (for example, the device and its fixture) and we can no longer do this.

Can you look into the issue, please?

Many thanks

Hi @kiwitech,

Sorry for late response here. What you observed is a limitation we placed in our initial design. Given the feedback we’ve collected, we have a much clearer understanding that this limitation is giving customers more pain than benefits. So there is plan to remove the limitation but we haven’t decided on the exact timeline yet. I’ll post it here when we have more details.


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Thank you - I shall look forward to the next update :slight_smile:

We will also look forward to a solution.

i’d say that log display in general is seriously flawed in the new IDE. What I observe is that :

  • clearing the log doesn’t work. History just pops back with every new entry
  • it seems to always jump back to the top of the screen if the device encounters an error and restarts. Very annoying…
  • behaviour is far from realtime,even with only one window open…
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Can you share with us which browser and OS you’re using when you experienced that? We did a quick test and were not able to repo these.

Can you please help us understand better by giving us more datapoint? There are many factors that could contribute to the “far from realtime”, and we can’t look into it without more information.

Thank you!

This happened to me as well. I am using Chrome on OS X.

Another example is that recently I added logging of free memory every 5mins as part of investigation into other issue. It logged for about 5hours then stopped. Refresh browser does not seem to help. The log only continued when it got [Status] Device disconnected 8 hours later and all the free memory logging in between were lost.

I’m using Chrome on Windows 10. Haven’t tried other browsers yet

Same observation on logs suddenly stopping while we can see the imp is still doing it’s thing via the serial monitor. It only happens faster, typically after about half an hour.

Thanks for the reports everyone! We made some headway and were able to reproduce the following bugs -

  • log stopping (reported by @kiwitech)
    • we’re working on it and the fix should be released next day or 2
  • log jumping back to top of the screen (reported by @vedecoid)
    • the team will be working on it in this iteration and we should have a fix in our next release

I want to provide a closure to these 2 issues. They have been fixed and released on impCentral, but yesterday we uncovered another form of “log jumping” bug and we’re actively working on that.