Realtime logging has stopped

Last few days I’ve been getting the repeated message in the development code page:

“Realtime logging has stopped. Please refresh to enable it again.”

Refreshing doesn’t help. Neither does Logging in and out so I no longer have a realtime logging facility.
I have tried Edge browser and Chrome on both desktop PC and Android but the same thing happens.

Paging @ahoughton

This can happen if you have too many logstreams open. How many tabs are open? Are you using any command line tools to pull logs at the same time?

Feel free to DM me with more info. Generally, we haven’t heard of (or seen locally) any issues with logging recently, and there haven’t been any changes here in a long time.

As Hugo says, the number of allowed logstreams per account is capped, and – due to vagaries of networks and the various clients of our API – that sometimes means that new logstreams are opened and kill previous streams

Thanks. I had two open tabs and only ever use the browser IDE so no additional logging tools. However, I closed Chrome completely and loaded the same two IDE’s in two new tabs again and it’s fine now. Very odd.

What I did just think of is that in the past, when starting up, I’ve seen Chrome performing HTTP requests to URL’s that it has decided to ‘pin’ as ‘most visited’ on the home page. I only noticed because it resulted in unexpected requests being fired at one of my agents now and then. I checked but the IDE wasn’t pinned today. But it might have been previously.