Real Time Clock and nv table

I have two questions:

Is there a way to know the exact date/time locally in the IMP? Switch a GPIO at 12:11 PM at 24 may of 2012 for example?

Will be any real non volatile storage possibility IMP side (which keeps some data even if power is taken completly)? Or this kind of storage is wanted server side? If it does how?

You can’t set a timer more than 24h in advance, but you can set a timer that wakes up every day and checks, using Squirrel’s date() and/or time() functions, whether it’s 24 May yet. Note that the Imp always stores time in UTC (GMT+0).

There is no “real” non-volatile storage in the Imp hardware; a forthcoming software update will enable this kind of storage server-side.


The new firmware is on the wiki already with server.permanent:
Just it’s not in the docs - is this firmware already running on our imps?

Having real nv table would be nice as now the firmware is also in the flash :slight_smile: A limited size one ofc. Otherwise I will have to put some SPI flash there - in some cases some of the data must be there after a cold boot as well …

That firmware isn’t on your imps yet, no. That page details what we’re currently expecting to release in it. Frankly, it should probably still be “hidden”, just like the documentation for the new features still is. Once release-5 is actually released, everything will be fully documented.


Peter you get to the page from the “Recent Changes” button on top nav bar.
This is very useful link so please hide the unpublished stuff but not this feature.

I’ve gone ahead and hidden Release 5 for now. We’ll make it viewable to all when it’s officially release. Sorry for the mix-up. Thanks.