Real Time Browser

Firstly, awesome stuff :slight_smile:

Hannah board, and its Hall Sensor…

Using my phone’s browser I can see real-time state change in the planner, from 0 to 1, within a second of moving the magnet.
But using FireFox it requires much longer, or a refresh.
Is this normal?

There also appears to be an anomoly between the display in the actual Imp Node (blue), and the display in the ShowInput node (orange), attached to it.
It’s actually the ShowInput node that is always displaying the correct state… the Imp node seems to lag behind… even though it’s in front???

Sorry, scratch that. My fault.

(although the imp node does still lag slightly compared to the ShowInput node)

The planner isn’t really intended to be a real-time viewer of imp state; we recently turned down the responsiveness a little due to issues with the web client architecture.

If you’re looking for an easy to view real time log of imp state, use server.log() and view this in the editor.