Reading/Sending HTTP Traffic without IMP servers?

Is it possible to read http traffic not from the dedicated imp servers?
and what happens if the imp lost connectivity, will it continue to work under its scematic?
meaning, i wish to have it remotely controlled but still have the option to press a button manually, if in such case the imp is not connected to the internet (for various reasons), will it still function properly?

my idea is remote controlled device but with also a button for regulary turn it on/off

It is not possible to read http traffic without the imp server, no.

You can still have a local button to operate the device though; the next major release has “offline mode” where your code will run even with wifi unavailable.

Hugo, In the current version, lets say i have programmed my imp to turn on/off a device via both internet & a button directly attached to it,
if it loses internet connectivity, the button wont work?

Correct. In the current release, if wifi goes away, the VM is suspended until connectivity returns.

This is no longer the case with the next software release.

Thats sad to hear,
even tough its not the best question to ask, is there any date expectations for the new release?

It should happen within the next month; we want to be sure that the “imps going offline” issues are all addressed before it goes out. It’s also likely to appear at the same time as the new IDE with agent support goes public.