Quirky Nimbus is there hope?


I have bought a Quirky Nimbus lately (yes, in 2018), I saw it on amazon and I thought cool this could help me keeping track on my client’s campaign if I can set it to tell me the latest engagement on their twitter, instagram, youtube… or even program it to deliver content intelligence from my platform.

I never knew it is an obsolete product, only after receiving it and downloading the wink app that I found out that it is no more supported. I am not a developer but I almost tried everything to get it to do anything without any luck.

I know you are all busy people and I do apologize in advance. But is there anyone that has experience with the nimbus and is making use of it that can help? If this device still work I would love to explore the possibility to make it a dashboard that can deliver content intelligence information from my platform www.personafier.com


Hope for it as a Wink supported product - likely not. They appear to have elected to discontinue support for this product.

We aren’t able to turn these devices into “developer” devices (that would allow people to write their own software to drive them) without permission from the entity which made them in the first place. Given that Quirky went out of business, this may be hard to obtain.

Some people have desoldered imps and soldered in a new (unlocked) one, but that’s a lot of hassle to go to :frowning:


Thank you Hugo for the reply, this is crazy because I can make great use of these devices if we are able to re-
program it. And honestly very unfair for people who bought it, “I know I can return it to Amazon” but I feel I can still find a solution.
I just want to understand few things, what could service does the nimbus try to connect to fetch the data? Does this cloud service still exist? and is there a contact of a company/person of any sort that we can get in touch with?
I am not sure if it is worth it or not to make a petition to GE about it.


I am not having any luck programming wifi using Electric Imp app on iOS.

All I get is Red, RedRedRed, Red, RedRedRed…

Is there any way I can get this onto a network for IFTT to use?


I have up on it, I was able to make it connect. Yet you don’t know where are you connected to and how can you control it. No one is ready to help and support. But I found a much cooler device that does much more, the wife promised it for my birthday. http://store.lametric.com/?rfsn=1095037.bcc9274


You can’t use the Electric Imp app to configure the Quirky Nimbus, unless the Nimbus has been unlocked by Quirky (which is unlikely). You will need to use the Quirky Wink app (see Hugo’s message above).


…and you can’t use the wink app because they have removed support for newly configured Nimbus devices…


I contacted Wink support today. A possible workaround would be to enroll the Nimbus as a Pivot Power Genius in the Wink app.

The Quirky + GE Pivot Power Genius device is also powered by Electric Imp. Because the Pivot is also enrolled with the Wink app and is still supported, it may be able to enroll a Nimbus since the pairing method is very similar.

I just ordered a used Nimbus off eBay to try it out. Wink support told me it’s not guaranteed to work, but they shared this method with me because others have reported success with it.


I got a Nimbus recently as well. I have had no luck getting it connected to wink. I did run the electric imp blink in legacy mode and was able to get it connected to my wifi. But nothing works from there. Where you able to have any luck?


The Nimbus is no longer being supported by Wink, but it’s still locked to the Quirky account so you can’t “claim” it with a developer blinkup. Still trying to get permission from the new Quirky to release these.