Questions about audio

Is it possible with the audio out to stream an audio file from, for example, the Twillio API? Had a few ideas I’d like to try and wondered if there’s any tutorials available or any examples?

Yes - we’ve done it! Technically, it’s a bit less a “stream” than it is just downloading a file to the agent and then chunking it down to the device.

While I haven’t got any example code handy that show how to link up with a specific service like Twilio, I’ve got example code available that shows how to fetch a file from an external URL, download it to the device (storing it away in a SPI flash), and play it back. Take a look at the “Lala” reference design, here:

That’s great Tom - thank you!

Hello, is there any more documentation on the Lala? I read through the documentation present and wanted to build my own. I only need playback from a server(and the buttons) Is there a SPI component I could get that the code would work with?
I have done some work with a text2speech module and an imp, so I have speaker, amp etc. all I need is a way to stream audio, looks like the Lala’s SPI flash could be the missing piece.