Purchased an IMP006. It arrived and has a label on the back of the board saying "BAD BLE" and a number

I recently purchased and received an IMP006. I opened the bag and was powering the board up. I blinked it up and then turned the board over. The board has a label/piece of tape on the pack (slightly blue or grey). The label says “0454” and “BAD BLE”. Did I get shipped a board which failed end of line test? What options are available here? I would be concerned about this board going forward.

Update: I also attempted a test of the BLE function using the sample code and did not see any advertisements.

There were some units that failed initially, but the manufacturer reworked them; possible that the sticker wasn’t removed.

If BLE boots ok (ie no error on bluetooth open) then it’s fine - the RF path is totally shared with WiFi, the issue that resulted in rework was an NC pin being shorted to ground by excessive solder from the SMT process.

On BLE adverts, you need to have the correct format advert otherwise most sniffer tools won’t see it - @smittytone should be able to comment more as the example code comes from him.

Thanks for the response Hugo. That explanation makes sense. I will dig in more.

Happy holidays!

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