Pulls on SPI MISO, MOSI and SCLK when IMP is sleeping?

In a couple of accelerometers I found that quiescent current is too high when the chip is deselected and when my finger comes near to MISO . This raised a concern, that if IMP is sleeping the pins are floating so that the pin voltage can float to Vcc/2 causing an increased quiescent current. Are there any disadvantages of putting a weak pull resistor on MISO, MOSI and SCLK?

Not really any disadvantages, no.

To minimize power consumption you’d likely want to pull them to the state that they idle when driven, though (depends on your SPI configuration); 3.3v through 100k is 33uA so not insignificant, but generally in the noise when the system is actually running.

Thanks, Hugo.

Do IMP003 pins for flash memory have internal pulls on MISO, MOSI, and SCLK when IMP is sleeping?

They don’t, no.

I measured MX25L4006E quiescent current. It does not increase when the pins are floating to vcc/2, which is good.