Promoted Production DUT Deployment?

What does the promoted checkbox do on Production DUT Deployments? Surely they are already promoted to appear within the Production section, yet all mine show false?


We don’t enforce a workflow with promoted deployments in Production Zone. They are available to use however desired, or not at all. For example perhaps promoted deployments are the only deployments which should be used on other Production Zone groups of the same type. Or maybe promoted deployments represent a base release upon which there are other newer beta non-promoted deployments on other groups.

I agree this is all a bit confusing though in the UI. What really happens when selecting a Test Zone Promoted deployment to use on any group in Production Zone is that a new deployment object is created with the same SHA (squirrel code bundle). This is why the UUID of the deployment changes but the SHA remains the same. So it’s actually a different deployment underneath, with the same code, since deployments belong to a single parent group.

One thing to note is that there is a restriction on deleting deployments if it is currently Promoted. So that could perhaps relate to another use case for self promoting deployments in Production Zone.

For any group type, promoted deployment status can be toggled from the Deployments list view by selecting “Settings” link for any deployment. Inside the Deployment details dialog is a checkbox for toggling promoted status, along with deployment description and other components in the future such as tags.

Please let us know if you have questions or want more info.