Progressive Web Apps

Just wondering if anyone has looked at / tried to develop and include a progressive web app within the agent code.

I realise this is very much an Android initiative but I’m hoping it gets adopted by IOS and Windows.

What caught my eye was that your imp web page (or progressive web app as they call it) can install an icon on your home screen of your smart phone when you launch the web page from the chrome browser. This makes it much easier to launch and return to your web page / app on subsequent uses. The construction of the web pages also makes app loading extremely quick. It is also designed to look like an app and what is really helpful is that it hides the URL from the user. An example of a progressive web app would be (open on an Android smart phone and it will ask you if you want to place on home screen - ignore request to download app on the top of the screen)

I thought this is ideal for Electric Imp applications…

Now if only there was a way to store some simple images, style sheets and javascript within the imp cloud (linked to agent URL) so that it can be used in conjunction with the imp agent code.