Program Imp from commercial product (manufacturer bankrupt)


In 2015, I bought a sensor device from Edyn, a manufacturer that has since gone bankrupt. The device is a watertight garden sensor, and it has a built-in Electric Imp (which I only know from scanning my wifi network). After the manufacturer went bankrupt, the device became useless because they both removed their app from the app store, closed their website, etc. The result is that I now own an expensive brick, and I was wondering if there is some way to re-program the Imp that’s inside my device? At least then I’d be able to use the device a little bit.
Or can Electric Imp open-source the code that Edyn used and open the devices somehow? Or do I have to open the device (difficult because it’s sealed to be water-tight) and physically replace the Imp that I assume is inside?
Any help would be appreciated.