Production code update - when effective?

I’m about to launch an important code update to an imp model with quite some live users, so I need to know for sure wht the process is exactly (I know this has been asked before but can’t find it back)
=> if I launch a new version via the ops console, will every imp that is connected get that update immediately downloaded after which it reboots into it, or does it take some time to do so automatically (typically how long ?) or (I hope not) will the new version only download after a power cycle or any other warm/cold boot of the device ?

When you deploy, devices that are online will get it immediately, yes.

If you have many thousands of devices this is a slow-ish roll, but it’s generally all done in a minute (we have requests for configurable deploy speed as that can sometimes be fast enough to hammer a customer’s backend).

Any offline devices get the update when they next connect.

Thanks Hugo, exactly how i would expect it to be!