Production allows OTA updates?

I’ve been reading up on the production documentation you provide. You state that once a device is “bonded” and “blessed” you can’t change it’s model. But can you push through device & agent code updates within the same model to a production device?


That is correct.

Blessing is designed to tie a device to a particular model as part of a manufacturing flow in a factory (i.e. before a device leaves your factory, it is assigned what code it should run).

Blessed devices are managed through the Operations Console, which provides a suite of tools designed specifically for large scale deployments / device management.

Thanks. Yes sure that bit is clear. But what wasn’t clear is if you could push out further code updates within the same model for production devices at a later date when they are in the wild? Or are they locked to the code you flash them with at the factory?

Yes, you can push code updates out at any time. Devices that are online will get them immediately, devices that are not online (or not configured) will get the latest code as soon as they connect.

Great good to know. Thanks very much