Problem with updated IDE

The IDE updated a couple of hours ago. Apart from some cosmetic changes, things had been going smoothly. After making some code tweaks and pressing “Build”, a modal box came up saying I had a merging problem. No-one else logs into the account and no-one else had modified the code. Even after I pressed “Continue anyway” it still persisted with the modal box every time I built. I eventually managed to shake it off.

Thanks for your feedback. Have you seen the same issue again after you shook it off? Was it an existing model that you were working on? Did you assign a new device to it? Do you recall the step before you hit “Build”, anything special you did to the model or device like “Copy to new build” or update model name?

This is happening to us as well. When a collaborator works on an existing model, makes changes and then builds, the main account starts to get these messages. And even if you copy the specified build to a newer one and click on build on the main account, you will get the same modal box again every time you click on the model

Thanks @explosionmovil. We have looked into these 2 issues and we are working on them now. We will update this thread when these are resolved.

If you create a new build after you “copy to new build”, the modal should not appear anymore until “newer build is available” actually happens again. Let us know if you see it differently.

@coverdriven @explosionmovil - We have released a few bug fixes onto IDE Beta environment. Can you switch over there to see if you experience the same issues? Thanks!