Problem with the server/IDE

I’m experimenting troubles with the server logging:

My code used to log a measure around one time a second. And now it is doing it erraticaly, it could spends 10 or more seconds without logging anything and after, log all the measures, causing a message throttling and the consequent disconnection of the imp.

What could be the reason? the new IDE ?

Logs from imp or logs from agent? Do the timestamps show all the same, or once per second and just the IDE window is updating in blocks? Anything interesting about the internet connection the imp is on?

Oh, and if this is on the imp, any sleeps in your code?

Logs from the imp, and the timestamps show all the same.
And I have a sleep routine too.

But the strangest thing is that the code was running normally, and my latest modufications in code can’t explain this…

When you say “sleep routine”, what do you mean? It calls imp.sleep? When you do this, the TCP stack doesn’t run (as the squirrel runs at a higher priority), which could cause buffered messages not to escape the imp.

Yes, my program calls imp.sleep, but not during the normal running of the code, (when I am measuring), it just sleeps at a determined hour of the day.

Here it is what it does:

It should be a communication problem between imp and agent…

I’ve tried with a simplier code and I see the same behaviour:It doesn’t log every 2 secs and when it proceeds to log put more that one message.

What’s your internet connection? Not a 3G modem by any chance is it?