Problem with <input type='text'

I’m runing HTML code on my page and have this text input
"Input 1 name : <input type='text' value="+AI1.value_name+@" maxlength='30'>"

The problem is, if the value of AI1.value_name contain a space like “Garage Temperature” , the page will only display “Garage” in the field

Often times, when dealing with this using PHP, I’ll change the spaces to underscores for all processing. Only when it is displayed, I’ll change the underscores back to spaces.

In your case, you want to display it with a space (within a text box), so you do need it to be a space.

Your text box has no “name” … you might need a name.

Here is an example line from an imp tutorial …
<input type='text' name='firstname' value='" + fname + @"'>

Also, the value has small quotes around double quotes. Try it like that.

problem was the small quotes, they also require doubles quotes