Problem with device code

I have the following problem and I hope you can help me; before I used the first line of code and the system when recompiling told me that a couple of commands were outdated (“ this method is now deprecated”); and would have to be updated, so it was changed to the second line and the application no longer works. What can I do, since Does the system mark them as equivalents in their function? Regards

server.log("Device iniciado, impee_id " + imp.getmacaddress() + " la mac = " + hardware.getimpeeid() );

server.log("Device iniciado, impee_id " + + " la mac = " + hardware.getdeviceid() ); returns a table, containing more than just the mac address. Try this:

local info =;
local mac = info.interface[0].macaddress;
server.log("Device iniciado, impee_id " + mac + " la mac = " + hardware.getdeviceid() );

thanks for your support Philmy; i try it