Powering a servo motor, which pins?

I have an old project I did a few months ago, where pin 1,2 are used as uart to write to my 2x16 lcd display.
pin 5,8,9 are used for a button, leds and a relay.
I used the project I did to power on/off my home boiler, and it worked flawlessly, with self-built app that i created on my phone.
now, since its a new home, Its a problem to mess with the electricity, so I tought to use a servo motor, that uses pressure to turn on/off the switch.
the box will be applied on the switch itself.
Which pins can I use to power the servo motor?
I read from this page that everyone is ok, but just to make sure.

As well, a recommendation to some ebay link, of a tiny servo that operates at 3.3 or 5volts which is strong enough to press the switch on the wall (those white gewiss switches with small light inside)

As you discovered, all pins on the imp card can drive servos - they can all be configured as PWM.

Servos are usually 5v, and can take a lot of current (especially when stalled). I’d suggest a micro servo like this: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9065

Well, I dont need it to work all the time.
I need to give it a signal to rotate to x degrees, and then remain so until i say otherwise.
Does it keep taking current during the time its not actually rotating?

I need something smaller. I thought of the one I found here
since its smaller. where do i see how much current it draws, to verify it wont harm my board?

It will take some power when it’s not rotating. The amount depends on the load (ie if something is trying to turn it and it’s maintaining position against this load) and on the internal circuitry of the servo.

I’m afraid I’ve no idea what the current of that servo can be. It shouldn’t harm your board (the power doesn’t come from the imp, only the control signal) but it may just not work.