Powering 5v device issue

has anyone found a succesful board to conver the imps 3.3v to 5v

If you’re talking signal levels, perhaps something like this?

I assume you’re not powering the actual imp with 3.3V? You can power the imp (April Board for example), with 5 or 12 volts. I usually use a 5V USB phone charger. Maybe you can post a circuit of what device you’re trying to use with the imp?

With the april board you can actually use from 3.3V to 17V, very flexible regulator on that. :slight_smile:

im using the makedeck board with imp002 which only support 3.7v batter power

i am going to purchase the adafruit VERTER a buckboost circuit that should fix the issue

Not sure which Makedeck board you’re using, but both the P3V3 and C3V0 can handle higher voltages. I use 5 Vdc regularly with those boards. 5 Vdc can be supplied either by USB or the VIN pin. In fact, the P3V3 can handle up to 17 Vdc.