Power usage of the imp005

Does anyone know the typical power of usage of the imp005? It doesn’t seem to be in the datasheet or the power section for the imp005 is empty on the electric imp hardware comparison page. I found the transmit and receive currents on the Murata website but can’t seem to find the typical power consumption anywhere.

imp005 is typically just under 100mA. It’s not intended to be used in low power applications.

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My imp005 breakout board draws an average 148mA at 3.3V with wifi on and ethernet connected.
This includes the on-board LAN8720A ethernet phy (typical current is 45mA), BlinkUp circuit & the blinkup green LED is lit, SPI flash is enabled.

I have some higher bandwidth current consumption measurements if that’ll help.
Message me if you want that data.

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Ah yes, Ethernet modes take more power :slight_smile: