Power Supply for IMP Module


I’m getting ready to build my first circuit board with out the April Breakout board, I will be using the IMP002 module, I’m a software developer and new to electronics, and I need some help to determine how I should design my circuit board to hold the IMP module without the April board, I’m planning on using a 5V 1ma power supply to power the IMP and the sensor I’m using in my project, I also have a level shifter that converts from 3.3V to 5V because my sensor requires 5V.

My questions is, do I need to put a voltage regulator similar to the one on the April board or should I just replicate what is on the April board, or should I use the April board on my circuit?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

In my projects I use one called CAT6219-330TDGT3 to regulate 5V down to 3V3.

Remember you also need the ID chip.

@juan64 The very best thing you can do is to model the reference designs. There are many different layouts for power using different regulators. All of MakeDeck’s designs follow these recommendations.

Thank you both for the great leads.