Power Off, Power On, Imp Dev Ed. doesn't listen to BlinkUp

I have a couple of Dev Edition Imps. They deepsleep 5 seconds at a time. When I pop them out of the slot and reinsert them to change the WiFi config with BlinkUp, they do their thing (read the ADC) immediately and go right to sleep and never seem to listen for the BlinkUp config. I don’t see the blinking red LED on a completely cold boot. No matter how quickly I do things or whether I try to time it right, they don’t seem to want to listen or fully reboot or something. Anyone else seeing this?

This is because the imp is still in deep sleep mode when you plug it in again - it takes so little power that it can take 10 seconds to discharge the internal capacitor enough to get a cold boot.

Just unplug, wait 10 seconds, and plug in again.