Power Modes - Expected Current Measurements

Could someone post what the transmit and receive power should be? The wiki data spec says 6uA wake mode and less than 5mA on-network mode. Are we saying that the device should be pulling less than 5mA while transmitting and receiving? Can you provide a little more clarity on what power modes are supported and typical current ratings of each? Are these the only two modes? Any info is appreciated. I didn't see it posted anywhere else, but point me to another thread if I missed it.

6uA, low voltage RTC/GPIO wake 
mode enables years of battery life 
in many applications
• <5mA on-network mode, 
depending on the configuration

Thanks guys!

Troy a bit from the main web site

>>When connected to a WiFi network but otherwise idle, the Imp takes under
10mA (sometimes much less, depending on peripheral configuration). When
actively transmitting at maximum power, the peak current is around
250mA - but because transmit periods are very short, the average power
consumption is still low.

I would like to know how long is “short” in 2nd line?

6uA is not on-network; this is asleep with RTC/pin1 wake and the 4k nvm table preserved.

Currently RX power save mode is not enabled, so you’ll see 80-100mA in RX. This will be going down to <5mA depending on peripheral use, in the medium term.

TX power peak is about 250mA, typically for <1ms (at 1Mbps CCK). The higher your wifi rate, the shorter this peak will be, eg at 54MBps it’s ~14us.