Power Consumption issues with imp006 and BG96

we would like to understand how the BG96 power save features are being used by the impOS, especially the ConnectionManager. As we know from other projects, we can reduce power consumption of the BG96 if we use

  1. AT+QSCLK=1 in conjunction with DTR up/down to put the device in sleep mode, when it does not have to send data
  2. eDRX mode to reduce power for reception (in LTE-M mode)
  3. eventually the PSM mode where the BG96 is totally switched off… but while we still need the GPS module.

Any insight would help

Thanks a lot!

Connection Manager is designed to work with any connectivity transport so relies on the underlying impOS to handle whatever network hardware is being used.

As I understand it, disconnecting a device causes the networking hardware to be powered down entirely, but I’ll ask the embedded engineering team to confirm that.

There is a means to access the modem if your application needs to set it directly, but this is reserved for customers. If you are a customer, file a support ticket to get the details.

Thanks for the explanations.
Yes we are a customer, I will file another support ticket for this.

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