Posting data to Azure Iot Hub

Has anyone successfully posted data to Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub from an Imp? I can see a few people have posted data to the Azure Event Hub, but I can’t find anything for the IoT Hub, which is a little more complex from what I can tell. Just trying not to reinvent the wheel if possible.

Yes, we have a library which does this. I’ll check into whether it’s ready to be posted. Stay tuned.

Thanks Hugo. I’m more than happy to help beta test the library if that’s of any benefit.


We plan to make a beta version of the library available within the next couple of days, will let you know.

– Terrence

Awesome, can’t wait!

The library for Azure IoT Hub has been posted:

Please let us know if the library works for you and if you have any feedback.

We are also working on bidirectional communication, stay tuned for an update.

– Terrence

Thanks Terrence, works a charm. Ive got data going up to the IoT Hub, through a Stream Analytics job and into a SQL database. Easy as pie. Nice work, thanks very much!