Post Migration- issues with old device id

I’m a relative nuub and deployed a single temperature iot device 6 months ago. It worked fine up until the migration to the new IDE. After successful migration, I changed some minor code and an issue popped up during the check:

|2018-07-06 09:24:52 -06:00 |[IDE] |Compiler warning (line 90): hardware.getimpeeid() is deprecated|

|2018-07-06 09:24:52 -06:00 |[IDE] |Compiler warning (line 90): imp.getmacaddress() is deprecated|

I understand that the mac address is no longer used, but I’m not clear how or what to change the device id to move forward with the legacy code.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks B2256

Those are just warnings; your code will run just fine, but it would be good to update your code for the more modern APIs: is the direct equivalent of getimpeeid.

On an imp001/2/3/4,[0].macaddress will give you the same output as getmacaddress.

Sorry, part of the confusion might have been the UI displaying a red error notification alert for warnings after using the “Check” button. The fix for this will be shipping next week (Beta on July 9th and later in the week for Prod) :+1:

Thanks hugo and KevQA.
It does seem to be working as-is without mods related to the warnings. The polling frequency exceeded my patience to see the results.
Thanks again.