Posible Bug in "code"

When i try to use the backspace/delete in my browser when editing the text it doesnt do anything , im running debian 6 & opera

Thanks for the report, I’ve filed a bug; we’ve not done much testing (possibly, any) with Opera. Can you use an alternate browser in the meantime?

Can you tell me the opera version number?

Version 12.50 internal Build 1583 Platform Linux System x86_64, 2.6.32-5-amd64

i have tried with IceWeasel (Firefox based) and it seams to work fine

any updates on this , id ideally not want to use other browsers

We’ll try to pull the latest release of ACE into the server at some point this week I hope. This may or may not help, though. Do you have any issues using the embedded github editor? That’s also ACE but likely more up to date.