Poor comminication

Firstly, The product looks fantastic and can’t wait to get my hands on mine once it arrives.

I think the communication from electric imp has been a little poor and fragmented. I only randomly came across availability on Sparkfun, there was no “news” on the website, the last blog was from July and couldn’t find any mention on twitter.
There seems to be too many communications channels, and all seem to be different news. Even the homepage has remained pretty much static since the imp was announced.

Even the “Stay in the loop” mailing list has been stale- I don’t think I have received one email from imp.

Moan over - I hope this is just due to early days and the team being overloaded to get the product out there.


Hi N - Alas, you are correct in your assumption that our efforts have been heavily focused on product development and getting it out there. Please understand that we are a small group of 10 people and didn’t really exist until a year ago and didn’t really get funded until this past May.

That being said, we understand your frustration - an obvious sign of your interest which we really appreciate! Points taken and we will make an effort to better communicate moving forward.