Pondering Cypress and Ethereum

Catching up on recent market events, I see that Cypress has bought Broadcom’s Wifi business. Does Electric Imp see that having any impact on continued access to SoC Wifi chips and Broadcom’s roadmap for development?

I’ve also been digging into Ethereum (tentatively at this stage as it’s a bit too complex for my limited brain) and various application possibilities that harness Electric Imp’s framework. Has Electric Imp considered how Agents could provide a mechanism for blockchain access for IoT devices?

No, we don’t expect any negative impact; we’re hoping for a positive one, actually. Cypress has much better peripherals on their SoCs than Broadcom do. The transaction hasn’t gone through yet but we’ve discussed it with multiple Broadcom employees who are all cautiously optimistic.

We’ve not looked at blockchain access for IoT devices, no, but (I think) I can see there being some possible value there. Possibly some other team members might be able to make more sensible comments :slight_smile: