PLEASE:::: Starting IDE with all functions collapsed (not expanded)

Any chance of adding an option to the IDE settings (in addition to Tab size and theme) to start the IDE with all functions collapsed (ie NOT expanded) thus riding the code in the function?

I often work in large and complex applications but focus on fixing a specific section/function, which could be far down the list. in these situations it would be of great value, should I be forced to refresh the browser, to be able to quickly scroll down and just have to open the 1 or 2 functions I am working…

MUCH appreciated,


even better: remember the last view of every model…


Sorry to be a pain but another request. When an error is found in Check or Build/Run, can the cursor please be moved to the line of the first error.

And if the error is identified in a collapsed function, can the function possibly be expanded automatically to show the offending line…?

Thanks for the requests.

I’ll file tickets for these and get the conversation started.