Planner and API

I was just starting to get myself familiar with the API. Is it actually possible to, just by code create an input node and a http request and call to a server, who returns a JSON object.

What I mean is that I could skip using the visual interface (the planner) to create the HTTP request connection and use code only.
Is that the idea? Do we have an example for that? I checked the API example, but it tells me that there is no http instance or variable defined, I assume the example would at least need that variable definition to be included, if my assumption is right.

sign up for the beta firmware

The examples in our API documentation are part of the our agent beta. With agents you can easily create and process http requests.

Correct, no planner needed except it’s nice to use for troubleshooting.

Sounds great, where do I sign up?

@uncleunvoid: You should have gotten an email this weekend (at the email address your electric imp account is registered under) giving you details about the beta :slight_smile:

Great got that and I saw my interface changed. Bit confused about agent and device code, I think I sort of get them from an OOP perspective, but user friendly wise, the system is a bit confusing. And where do I put the two separate pieces of code? And can I just call a HTTP request from the IMP itself? device without agent code?

I just saw the two dropdowns, but how do I create a new project?

Wow just found that, interesting interface setup…

how do i sign up for the agent beta? I never received any email from imp :frowning:

Hey @takissd, looks like your request got lost somewhere in the pipeline - I’ll get you all setup :slight_smile:

awesome! thanks a lot!

I would also love to try out the agent interface, have been looking for it before, didn’t know it was under a beta. Please send me an invite. Thanks!