not working from Europe?

I know devices are not shipped in Europe (yet) but I wanted to see the planner (how it works, etc.) and right now being in Europe all I get is a redirection to this forum page. Our company is US based, already has the devices there, the commisioning was made, programming does works from there without any problem.

It is not possible to program a device found in US from Europe? Can You enable the planner to work all around the world?

I’m in the UK and using plan with no problems.  It actually redirects to

Fen Consultants, UK

There is a known issue with IE9 that we are working on fixing.  What browser & version are you using?  I assume you are using your company’s credentials to log into Planner or are you trying to create your own acct?  If you are trying to create your account, you will be directed to the forum; not the Planner. This is because you’ll need an access URL to be able to create an account and log into Planner.  Since we’ve implemented SSO, your forum credentials will grant you access to the Planner if/when you receive an access URL.  You will use the same pw/login to access Android app.

You should be fine if you use the same credentials as your folks in the US.  That being said, we should tweak the flow so as not to confuse people.


Planner working OK in UK for me on Chrome over 3G on the train!

I believe there could be an issue here with people’s accounts being tagged “forum only”, which will bounce you from the planner back to the forums. We’re looking into it - sorry for any inconvenience.

The link gave by Robv works (with login added to the end), without that bounces me back to the forum (at least a few hour ago it did). It’s not account connected since it bounces me back before I can enter credentials.

Ater using Robv’s direct login link I could get in and I could see the planner, open test code etc. using Chrome. Ty for the aid Rob.

Thanks for the update, Brown…and, yes, Rob can be very helpful!

I have two imps running in France. Being on the same network the planner and the android I/O app works fine. When out of the office i noticed the android app does not work when using a 3G network. Now i’am in the Netherlands for a few days. In the planner i see my imps but not the output text that should be inside. Also i can not control the gpio’s from the android app. Does anyone have the same problem?

Update: I found a wifi error in the log after our ADSL modem got a new (dynamic) IP address from the provider. Now it seems to work again.

WiFi error in the logs is addressed in release-23 (wifi driver update). Hopefully you shouldn’t see it after then…

when is release 23 due ?

It’s out already, if your mac address ends in digits 0-7 inclusive. We’ll likely complete the rollout tomorrow.