Pitchfork - Accelerometer control

For those of you who use Pitchfork, An update should be coming out within the next few days. More buttons on the control panel, a fix to the Xively panel, and a Color Picker panel. I’ve also learned that Pitchfork is being used by educators in STEM classes, and so I’ve decided to make it free. For those of you who supported the cause, you rock, thank you very much.

Today I worked on adding accelerometer control to the Control Panel. Here is the way it works now, and I would love to hear suggestions. I have a switch that enables/disables the accelerometers output. I’m going to allow the user to specify how often the data is sent in seconds. From there, the app will send x,y and z axis data as JSON, exactly how the phone outputs it, which is a value between -1 and 1 for each axis. Response back to the app needs to be the standard JSON format that is used in the other panels.

I have been using Pitchfork and was more than happy to pay for it. What I would love is an App that is a little more generic and configurable as to what buttons are visible and what end point the data is read from.

Xively is great but its let me down a few times and I want a system with as few dependencies as possible.

An configuration file that could be saved and shared would be a great way to create profiles and ease the pain of setting family and friends.

I am not really setup to create an App myself, I am more comfortable as .NET web developer. Cheers

I have been considering allowing you to enter a list of agent URL’s in the app, and then pick them from a dropdown in each panel’s settings. Maybe I could pull them in from a list in Google drive or Dropbox?

I do a bit of .NET development too… Just fired up Visual Studio 2013 yesterday.