Pinout clarification & SWD or JTAG access

We are designing a product featuring the Murata Type 1LD unit and have purchased the imp004n to get started. Are we able to program this unit directly through JTAG or SWD? Can we access the Murata 1MD’s SWD or JTAG pins, are these pin descriptions described formally (e.g. which STM32 pin is signal ‘pinA’ connected to? Are SWDIO/SWCLK exposed for use?)

My apologies if this is tangent to the intended electric imp design method for this product, we are trying to get a dev board to begin Type 1LD development and this was what was recommended

If these interfaces are not exposed, are we able to program the external flash with code directly?

is this requested content available for customer use? Please let me know, I am gated on design & demo contents now until I resolve this

If you have purchased an imp004m, this will be in RDP2 and so SWD and JTAG are irreversibly disabled. There is no need or capability to load other code into the internal flash of the STM32.

It’s also worth noting that the imp004m is a Type1MD, not Type1LD. They have similar internals, but totally different footprint and the Type1MD has an on-module antenna. I would suggest asking Murata what eval boards they produce for the Type1LD.

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Hi jpixton,
Thank you for the confirmation, RDP2 makes complete sense for your product (and customer), but is a bummer!

We are using the 1LD and had gotten your 1MD board because this the closest development unit Murata provides to the 1LD and enables complete development support. Easy to mitigate, there are several equivalent WICED units out there for development and we are back in motion now, I would consider providing an alternative SKU for this dev board that has no FW loaded and JTAG enabled, to extend your market coverage at minimal costs.

Would also mitigate fools such as myself, my apologies!

Thank you for your time,

We designed the 1MD, but we are a software and services company primarily - we make no money at all on these modules, only the service (lifetime security updates etc). This is why there is no “blank” version of this module.

Depending on your product requirements you may be able to save significant time and money both on initial development and also on ongoing security assurance by using our platform, but obviously that choice is up to you.