Pinging is timing out

I am finally getting back to my project after the holidays, but I have been unable to connect to my imp from the browser (chrome) both 1/11 and 1/12. The IDE shows my project, and the imp blinks green, but when I reviewed the forums & try pinging from the command line, all packets are lost.

Is there anything I can do from my end?

Many networking devices do not allow ICMP communications (ping), including the Electric Imp. If your Imp is blinking green try another browser or completely refresh or clear your current browser, as that is likely the issue.

If I’m pinging from my laptop, though, shouldn’t I be seeing some packets returning?

No. Unless a device allows ICMP, it won’t acknowledge or reply with anything. Your request will just time out.

What exactly do you mean by “unable to connect to my imp from the browser”? Are you not seeing the logging, or something else?

No known service issues, and the imp blinking green indicates that it’s happily connected to the service so more info would be helpful.