Ping another device on local network?

I want an imp to check to see if my iPhone is connected to my home local network. Any thoughts around this? Ping it?


The imp doesn’t allow access to the local wifi network, so you can’t ping it I’m afraid.

Possibly an async bluetooth LE module connected to the IMP, assuming an iphone automatically accepts reconnections.

Or an iOS app that, when the iPhone is connected to the local network, sends a message to your imp’s agent. This is what I do with my iBeacon test rig. iPhone detects interior location by beacon, pings the agent, agent tells the imp, imp does something (nothing yet, but the message is there to tell it to do whatever I eventually decide I want it to do).

I was thinking about the app thing but wanted to keep it simple. I dont want my phone doing the detection exercise 24/7. Yeah I thought of the bluetooth thing too which I may go with. Having the imp ping it would be so much simpler. I suppose another machine on my network could watch for my phone and tell the agent. Thanks for the responses everyone.