Photodiodes and the electric imp

I have just been exposed to this technology, and am excited to be working with it. I have gotten my thermistor working, and am looking to hook up a photo diode. I I am having trouble with this, and was wondering if anyone has device and agent code for this?

Are you just looking to measure light level? An LDR is a lot easier to use in this context, though there are various dev designs in our library with ambient light sensors (that will give you readings in lux).

You can also use hardware.lightlevel() to read the imp’s internal phototransistor, though this isn’t intended for ambient light measurement - it’s really only useful as an “is it dark” indication, vs how bright it is.

I have a
advanced photonix inc PDB-C139 photo diode
I was hoping to just prove the concept before buying alternate parts.
-Also thanks for the swift reply

What might code for this look like?

Do you want to measure ambient light or pulses of light like a flashing LED?

Thermistor and photdiode are working, and is uploading to plotly. Anyone know how to live stream data in real time graphson plotly?