- Please help the modder community out, ElectricImp


I’d like to formally request that my IMP003, found inside a Petnet smart feeder, be unblessed by you (Electric Imp), and associated with my account.

The company (PetnetIO) isn’t able to do so, as they’ve gone bankrupt and are no longer in business/able to respond to queries. As your services are used for the smart feeder, I’m asking that you unbless my imp device (MAC 0c:2a:69:0d:66:7b) and associate it with my developer account (same username/email as I have used with the forums.

This whole PetNet fiasco is … truly unfortunate. If we, a small but growing community of folks that want their 150$ pet feeders to continue to work, this is the only way forward that I can see. It will still require some tinkering, and I would be more than delighted to post code and findings for future travelers, especially since we’d essentially be using an embedded production board for testing… but without your help to continue forward, the only solution is a hardware-hack, or as I think many will do, a sad trip to the landfill for this large hunk of plastic and circuitry.

Electric Imp, I humbly request that you throw us a bone.


We can unlock these, but only with the permission of the owner - ie petnet. They pay for service, hence they have control over the devices.

We can’t do anything without our customer’s permission, much as we would like to in order to prevent hardware becoming e-waste. If you can get an email from them saying this is ok then we’ll be happy to help.

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