Persisting data to a cloud DB


I’ve been using the mLab library to persist imp activity data in the cloud. I learned mLab data API will not be available in a week or so and users have to migrate over to MongoDB Atlas. I also learnt that MongoDB Stitch is considered legacy (I thought it would be an alternative library I could use)

So, I wondered if someone’s used MongoDB Atlas cloud storage to persist data from agent code and would be willing to share a sample. Or, alternatively, I’d welcome any suggestions for an easy-to-use-from-an-imp-agent cloud DB I switch to?


A lot of commercial customers use google firebase. Would be worth taking a look and seeing if it fits your requirements - I believe it has a free tier.

Otherwise there are the AWS options, eg dynamoDB - there’s also a library for that one.

Thanks Hugo. Switched to dynamoDB - it’s working out fine so far.
On a different topic: I’m testing out an impC001 breakout for a gps application but having trouble getting a stable connection. Wondering if it’s the cell signal in the location or something else. Should I do something along the lines of checking the connection and restarting the device or are there other robust approaches (any pointers to code would be great). I can share the device ID it will help.

Share the device ID via PM and will take a look - send more details of what you’re seeing too?

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