PCB design tool recommendation?

I’ve been using Fritzing to design all of our boards to date and it has worked fairly well. However, I’m wondering if switching to another tool might be helpful as I get into more complicated designs and need more components than offered by Fritzing. Most recently I came across upverter and it seems to be an interesting tool. Since we’re a small, low-budget shop, the “free” version is appealing. Does anyone have a recommendation for another design tool that’s low cost and has worked well for them?

I’ve started playing with Upverter and been really impressed / happy with it so far, and so long as you’re willing to share your designs, it’s totally free - which is great!

Here are two more which are free to use:

  1. http://www.123dapp.com/ – offers a suit of tools. For circuits there is http://123d.circuits.io/ which is an online design tool.
  2. http://www.rs-online.com/designspark/electronics/eng/page/designspark-pcb-home-page – This is a comprehensive offline editor which has access to component libraries found online. A little tricky at first to make sense of it with quite a steep learning curve. I had to work through some tutorials. What is helpful is a large community of developers to help along the way and they share designs too.

I agree with Gerriko, this is bets free tools for PCB Design.

I like designspark PCB because it is free and unrestricted. I found it much better than Eagle

The feedback is great. Unfortunately (?), I’m a Mac user and Designspark PCB is not available on the Mac and they have no plans to port it.

I like Eagle, there is a free version, but it got some limitations in. However, those limitations are most likely plenty for what most hobbyists need.

As a newbie to PCB design I tried several different EDA tools including Eagle, KiCad and Altium curcuitmaker. At my level they were all very similar in concept and execution and all had the same weakness; a parts library like a dog’s breakfast.

Upverter is the exception, I’ve become a real fan of their product (at the starter level).