Pacet data capture

Hi guys.

Is there anyway i can capture packet data between my imp and my wifi hotspot to analyze the data? like succesful and dropped packets?



I suppose you can use Wireshark on a pc on the same network to monitor datastreams

but wouldnt that monitor the connection between the pc and the network and not the datastream from the imp to the network?

you should be able to monitor all data traffic on the local network

so do i just try to find my imp mac address in there somewhere?

how do i find my imps ip address so i can find and filter it on wireshark its sending data to xively as destination

your Imp doesn’t communicate with Xively. The Imp only communicates with the Imp-server and the Agent (which is hosted on the Imp-server) communicates with Xively

Look in your routers connection table for the Imp MAC address.
imp.configure("MAC Address", [], []); server.log(imp.getmacaddress());
or look at the back of the Imp, where it is printed…

Just curious, why do you want to capture your data? you can’t read it anyway. It is encrypted

i have managed it with wireshark i just filtered the MAC address i used the api to get it.
im doing a uni project on wireless sensor networks and wanted to show how much data was lost but difficult with 5min polls? i havegot something with a graph that shows the mac address connection status and the traffic so that will do.

Thanks for your help.

You really shouldn’t be seeing any TCP packet loss on a local wifi network; packets are acknowledged (and retried) at 802.11 level.