ORBnext: Device did not connect


I’m currently trying to Connect to my ORBnext directly via Electric Imp App. Not sure, whether this is possible or not. I did successfully clear the device settings with the app, but when I try to setup the device, it does say, that the “Device did not connect”.

Once I start the setup process via BlinkUp! the device starts to flash the green light for a couple of seconds. After that, the LED goes off. Around 80 seconds later, the Electric Imp app says, that it wasn’t able to connect. Is there a way to manage the ORBnext via Electric Imp application?

Thanks in advance,


I believe you need to ask ORBnext to unbless your device if you want it to appear as a developer device (so you can deploy your own code to it).


Thank you, I’ll try that. :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue connecting an OrbNext.


That screenshot shows an old blinkup app that has not been updated. Was that the ORBnext app?


Yes. That was the blink.n.play app. I tried the Electric imp app. With that the flashing light on the OrbNext turns to flashing green. But in the end, the app gives me a red ball and says “device couldn’t connect”. Not sure how to proceed. I even tried putting the phone on the same wifi network as the device. No change.


So seems like ORBnext have not updated their app - I’m afraid we can’t help with that. Are you wanting to use the device with the ORBnext app, or with your own code?

I believe they will unbless your device (ie make it a developer device) if you want to program it yourself. At that point - it’s a server-side operation - then you will be able to use the imp app. You can’t use it now because the device is still bound to their account.


I was using it with IFTTT to notify us when we had a voicemail on our Oooma VOIP. So, I guess with tie ORBnext app.


I’d contact ORBnext and ask them if they can update their app - the required change was due to the Symantec TLS CA becoming untrusted so it the pinned certs had to be changed.


ORBneXt points to EarthLED which points to Advanced Lumonics, which seems to be out of business. I may be SOL. :frowning: